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Our digital platform helps jewelry and watch companies get the most out of repairs


Deliver an On-brand Seamless Customer Experience

Elevate your customer experience with a fully-branded jewelry and watch repair platform that keeps them informed every step of the way. With Reshyne, you can easily manage customer payments, facilitate warranty coverage, remove friction from placing repair orders, and deliver exceptional results. Ensure your customers return for more with our intuitive and comprehensive repair management solution.


Streamlined Workflow from Sales to the Repair Shop

Reshyne's advanced intake system empowers your sales team to focus on closing deals while automatically capturing all the critical details needed for repair services. It seamlessly converts sales orders into detailed work orders, ensuring accurate transfer of vital information such as repair specifics (custom tailored for 47+ repair services) and customer preferences. This enables jewelers and watchmakers to efficiently work on repairs, stay organized with their work bags, and maintain visibility throughout your entire organization. Even if you don't currently offer repair services, our state-of-the-art facility can handle them for you, ensuring top-quality results for your customers.

Comprehensive Repair Management for Businesses of All Sizes

Optimize your repair operations from start to finish. Reshyne’s platform accommodates businesses of any size, offering multi-location management and real-time tracking. Ensure precise and efficient repairs while keeping your team coordinated and your customers happy with relevant notifications for customers, jewelers, vendors, and stakeholders. With our robust tools and intuitive interface, your entire organization can stay aligned and informed throughout the repair process.


Turn Your Repair Data into Actionable Insights

Reshyne’s advanced monitoring and analytics tools transform your repair data into actionable insights that drive business growth. Learn which repairs are your top money makers, identify common repairs during peak seasons, and analyze turnaround times. Make informed, data-driven decisions by tracking key performance indicators and identifying bottlenecks. With comprehensive reports and real-time data, optimize your operations and ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Branded Repair Experience

Tailor every element of our customer-facing digital storefront to showcase your unique repair services and reflect your company’s branding. Create a seamless and personalized experience for your customers with 47 (and counting) pre-loaded repair services that you can enable, disable, or customize to suit your needs.

Visibility Repairs Operations

Manage everything from sales orders and work orders to vendor and partner relationships efficiently. Assign services to specific vendors, manage price lists, and set capacity allocation. Ensure smooth operations with internal communication and activity tracking across all roles.

Insightful Revenue Metrics

Robust revenue dashboards and deep business insights update instantaneously, enabling you to take informed action with an immediate impact all across your repair operation.

Connect with your favorite tools

Our back-end integrations work seamlessly with e-commerce platforms and business apps you already rely on. Looking for a custom integration? We’ll build it for you.

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