- 8 min read

Jewelry Marketing: How to Get Your Brand Out There in a Big Way

Creating a jewelry marketing strategy is important for every brand; in order to drive revenue, you need to make it easy for…

- 6 min read

7 Essential Jewelry Repair Services That Keep Customers Coming Back

Offering jewelry repair services can help build your business, expand your bottom line, and boost your brand's reputation. Repair services build trust…

- 7 min read

How To Build A Jewelry Repair Pricing Strategy That Drives Revenue

Offering jewelry repair services to your customers is rewarding for many reasons: it can boost your revenue, build trust with your customers,…

- 12 min read

Jewelry Photography 101: How to Create Images That Sparkle Online

A picture is worth a thousand words… so make pictures a part of your marketing strategy! An essential part of successful e-commerce…

- 6 min read

Sell Services Online: Everything You Need to Know About Launching a Jewelry Repair Service

So you’re ready to sell jewelry repair services online. Awesome! Chances are you already know how to sell a product, which is…

- 6 min read

The Ins and Outs of Running a Jewelry Repair Shop: An Interview with a Shop Manager

Running a jewelry repair shop is a big undertaking involving a lot of moving parts (literally and metaphorically). We sat down with…

- 7 min read

Why Your Jewelry Business Should Be Digital (Even If You Work Offline)

If you haven’t taken advantage of the digital tools and online opportunities available yet, it’s a good idea to digitize your business…

- 6 min read

Get an Upgrade: 3 Reasons to Modernize Your Jewelry Business Right Now

In today’s constantly evolving tech landscape, modern companies thrive while traditional ones risk getting left behind. But how can you modernize your…

- 6 min read

The Top 5 Reasons to Offer Your Customers Jewelry Repair Services

When you sell jewelry, you’re selling memories: relationship treasures, major milestones, even soon-to-be family heirlooms. Ideally, you want your products to have…

- 7 min read

How to Use Jewelry Packaging as a Marketing Tool

The quality of your work is critical for customer satisfaction, but there are other steps along the way that give you an…

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