- 6 min read

Increasing Jewelry CLTV: How to Strengthen Relationships Post-Purchase

The success of your jewelry brand is ultimately up to your customers. Their purchases directly determine your revenue and bottom line. So…

- 6 min read

Partners in Shine: Building Your Vendor Ecosystem for Jewelry Success

Running a successful jewelry business takes a village. While you’re busy focusing on creating designs and managing day to day operations, teaming…

- 7 min read

Visibility Across Teams: Creating a Transparent Jewelry Repair Workflow

Transparency is paramount when it comes to efficiently completing jewelry repair orders. Not only does open communication help your team perform well,…

- 7 min read

The Best Practices for Hiring and Managing an Expert Jewelry Repair Team

As a jewelry brand, you’ve mastered the art of selling your beautiful pieces. Now it’s time to expand, but how? By offering…

- 5 min read

The Benefits of Customer Self-Service Capabilities for Jewelry Businesses

The jewelry industry has seen lots of changes in recent years due to the shift toward online sales. With the increase in…

- 6 min read

How to Increase AOV: 5 Ways to Boost Your Jewelry Brand’s Average Order Value

As you look for ways to increase your jewelry brand’s revenue, it’s a good idea to base your strategies on key performance…

- 7 min read

Repair Overflow? How to Manage When Your Jewelry Business is Too Busy

Is your jewelry business receiving more repair orders than you can manage? It’s a great problem to have, but scrambling to keep…

- 6 min read

The Art of the Quote: How to Provide Your Customers with an Accurate Jewelry Repair Estimate

When it comes to jewelry repairs, customers not only want their cherished pieces restored to their former glory, but they also want…

- 6 min read

6 Ways to Expand Your Small Jewelry Business

Running a small jewelry business can be so rewarding. You can design pieces of jewelry that your customers will love to wear…

- 6 min read

Getting Started: A Step-by-Step Guide to Offering Jewelry Repair Services

Looking for a way to expand your jewelry business? Offering jewelry repair services is a great place to start. Repairs can help…

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