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- 6 min read

Jewelry CRM Software: How It Can Improve Customer Retention

The jewelry industry is built on customer relationships and personal connections. To maintain a loyal customer base, jewelry brands need to be…

- 8 min read

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Repair Services to Offer Your Customers

Offering jewelry repair services can boost business growth, improve customer loyalty, and increase revenue. Your customers will appreciate that they can rely…

- 6 min read

Jewelry Customer Relationship Management: Why CRM Matters for Your Brand

Managing customer relationships is crucial for any business to succeed in today’s competitive market, and that’s especially true in the jewelry industry.…

- 6 min read

Why Your Jewelry Brand Needs Specific Jewelry Software

Have you been using generic software — or worse, paper tickets — to manage your jewelry business? If so, it might be…

- 7 min read

10 Ways to Streamline the Jewelry Repair Side of Your Business in 2023

Looking for ways to streamline your jewelry repair business this year? Being as efficient as possible should be a long-term goal for…

- 7 min read

6 Tactics for Expanding Your Jewelry Business

Creating a strategy for how to grow your jewelry business can be an ongoing process. It involves time, energy, and patience to…

- 6 min read

Beyond Repairs: 6 Custom Jewelry Services to Make Your Brand Memorable

Jewelry repairs aren't always about damage! They're also a great way to offer personalized shopping and luxury-level customer service experiences. Offering custom…

- 7 min read

How to Build your Brand’s Reputation Using Jewelry Software

Building your jewelry brand’s reputation is important; now that e-commerce dominates the retail landscape, consumers can shop, read reviews, and find any…

- 7 min read

5 Ways to Build Consumer Trust as a Jewelry Repair Brand

Your customers are the engine that keeps your business running. Building a trusting relationship with them is a pivotal way to ensure…

- 5 min read

Unlock Your Team’s Potential with These Jewelry Software Tools

The key to unlocking your brand’s potential lies in the jewelry software you give your team. Equipping your talented employees with the…

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